little confused about tier 1 links (Link to the money site)

After 2 year practice with GSA SER  and tier links I feel little confuse about tier 1 Link

I start doing my own ecommerce site seo by join 1waylinks, 3 waylinks service and at that time I continue building links to my ecommerce site and never care about the tier 2, tier 3.

By cross reading here I have to ask my little confused about tier 1 links  Should I endless build tier 1 links to my ecommerce site or I just build a certain number web 2.0 sites point to my ecommerce site then focus on tier 2, tier 3 to promote my e-comemrce site?

any suggestion are welcome 

Thanks in advance


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    need help!!!
  • Accepted Answer
    Your tier 1 link is directly to ur money site this should be done moderatly while other tiers should be blast with link endlessly and contiuously this is needed to pass more juice to tier 1

    Frankly speaking with just a few tier 1 link having thousands of 2 and 3 tiers linking to it you can rank first page
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