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emulate for GSA Captcha Breaker

Hello. I bought GSA Captcha Breaker and i need redirect on another ip . I need redirect unsolved captchas from "GSA Catcha Breaker"  to another service that emulate  I do it by using file "hosts", but it not work. GSA Captcha Breaker use another domains of antigate or Ips or can bypass file hosts in Windows. How i can resolve this problem?
I trying redirect this domains:

but it not work


  • SvenSven
    edited January 2015
    the software does not rely on the hosts entry. Is that service maybe
    also emulating other services? In that case you can try using the
    deacptcha-api with the ability to enter the IP of the server.
  • thanks, please tell me where i can download decaptcher api ?
    I am login and try here
    but i cant find it
    can you upload it for me on ?

  • please upload it for me on , i cant find it.
  • i found it, thanks
  • Can you add to GSA Captcha Breaker  (in next update) antigate api with the ability to enter the IP of the server, please.
  • SvenSven
  • thanks
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