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Which is the best article creator and spinner for ser

I am looking for best article creator and spinner to use with ser .
Can you tell what are those .
Right now I am using Seo content machine with soft spinner but not having sucess with it .
It freezes a lot ( may be beacause of trial version )
Many of them told be WAC sucks .
WordAi is the best spinner but price is 10 times compared to the best spinner.
What are you opinion .
I only want to use it with GSA SEARCH ENGINE RANKER


  • blakew1251blakew1251 San Francisco North Bay

    I use WAC for Project setup, Spin Rewriter for spinning and Article Builder, usually mixing paragraphs. I only spin when there is no category available in AB.

    All of the above integrate with GSA SER.


  • SCM is good, though the old SCM 3 was much better thatn the last version 4.

    ANyway it almost always freeze while preparing the articles, but it's not important because it freeze just in the end of the job, after the articles are already made and saved. So it's not so bad, just force the shut down.

    But I never used its free soft spinner, probably that's the bad part for you. I use SCM with Wordai and it works good, nos so readable like every article tool, but with good uniqueness too make google index my articles
  • peterperseo When My SCM freeze then I Close it using task manager and there is no saved projects left
    I am Using 10 keywords per project . Is my Keywords problem to it .
  • I always use only 1 kw, and it's better use keywords with less word possible (like 1 or max 2, no more).
    You can also try to download the last version of SCM, because it is updated frequently
  • Any thoughts on Kontent Machine ?
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