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301 Redirects

Hi there, 

Been lurking and reading for a while but signed up to ask this. I was reading this thread and want help understanding something, I dont know how tag people either to directly ask so if anyone could help that would be great.

When justdoit references Domains A, B and C. (Parasite, aged and aged) he says to build links to C which redirects to B and in turn to A. Also mentions that Domain A will eventually be penalised. What I don't understand is how Domain B and C will not be affected or penalised, wouldn't the one that is being spammed with GSA also be penalised? He mentions dont spam C like crazy as you want A to stay up for as long as possible, how do i then reuse C for another site?

Hopefully I asked this in the best way to understand and I hope I dont sound like too much of a noob.

Glad to be apart of the community,


  • Well, IN THEORY B & C shouldn't be affected because the robots.txt tells all spiders to keep away. If the spiders can't go on the site then IN THEORY Google shouldn't penalise it.

    When he says don't spam like crazy, he's trying to keep the parasite alive for as long as possible. When eventually the parasite gets taken down / deindexed you should be able IN THEORY to move a different site A into site B's redirect and continue your good work

    Hope that helps
  • DBlackDBlack United Kingdom
    Thanks for the response. A few follow up questions.

    Would the reason be for no spamming because Google will see more links and visit the site more and take it down?

    If you then redirected the sites to another parasite, would you be wanting to rank the site for the same item seeing all the links would be keyword optimised? I know with SER I can remove links made (as long as the site follows request) and in theory I could reuse the aged domains for another purpose, it would just require more work and rebuilding all the links.

    Would this not make those aged domains essentially a little less worth to other niches?
  • I have question about 301 redirects,  does a sites have too many 301 redirects from different sites would be easy identified as a spam?
  • DBlackDBlack United Kingdom
    I believe the way this is done, its kind of hidden as the the ages sites are hidden, but too many would make it stand out I believe, also they all have to be aged and have good "authority"
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