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"Anchor Text" is not ignored when "URL with anchor text exist". Possibly bug?

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Sven as I know if URL with anchor text has been entered with the following format{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3} then SER must ignore the entry in the "Anchor Text" field automatically. If this is the case, then actually it doesn't ignores.


  • I think I found the reason. It doesn't ignores because that project has been created in earlier version of SER and then copied. In my other project it works as it should. Looks problem in copied projects that has been created in different SER versions. :-w
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    No, I was wrong. it simply doesn't support spin format in URL field like this:{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3}

  • SvenSven
    It does support it. Just that you have to write a "http://" in front of the URL.
  • Thank you, I will try.
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