How much is Captcha Breaker going to cost and ETA?

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Hi Sven and other developers,

I just want to know how much you plan on charging for CB as I know it's due for release any day now, although I'd like to withdraw money from my Paypal and need to know how much to leave in there as I plan to purchase CB as soon as it gets released.


1. How much will it cost?
2. What is your best estimate on the release date?


  • SvenSven
    You should see the software being released shortly...answers all your questions hopefully.
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    Demo expired, even not started once
  • 147 quite steep in my opinion considering so many have already shelled out money on CS which is not that old in itself.
  • CS has nothing to do with CB. There 2 different products by 2 different companies.

    I've got 2 licenses of captcha sniper, so it's not like i'm not hurting from paying again for another captcha solver, but i know CB will be worth it due to Sven. Look at the support you already get for GSA SER, updates done daily. Make a software request, and in the majority of cases it's implemented the next day. How long do you have to wait for CS updates? How long do you have to wait for your requests to be implemented in the software? How active is the CS forum in actually making the most and improving the software? $147 is nothing for what you're getting!
  • @doubleup agree :) In Sven we trust.
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