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To Build Ecommerse Site

Can We able to build Backlinks using GSA SER.If anyone know it means please reply to the same.


  • I get into backlinks building because I need to ranking my ecommerce website, the answer for me is yes, but you just need to be careful and not abuse it

    my personal experience is not backlinks to the homepage so if a url get punished you can just change or create another page for ranking.

    but I believe there are tons of advisor other can offer

  • Thank you for your valuable advice
  • Is this very difficult to build backlinks for e-commerce site?
    Any one knows answer means please reply yaar.
  • For an ecom site, you'd be better building a T1 using mini high quality sites / PBNs around the terms that you want to rank for with links from these sites to your ecom cats / prods etc.

    Then user SER to build links to these T1 sites
  • Thank you for your Comments davbel UK, can you able to explain PBNs and as well as the steps!!!
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