Doubt text captcha solver

Hi @Sven I have a doubt, for the resolution text, such as askmebot, banditim or textcaptchasolver services.

If I add two, if one does not solve it, still the next?, the same thing is done with the OCR. Is that not is if adding two use both or just one. Although logic tells me that will make one and then another ¿true?


  • I think it will loop.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    yes it asks the next service if the previous one did not answer.
  • perfect.....

    with the new number of failures, I think that I've plateaued solving re captcha, but I have realize that the captcha text are many and improving out there climbing much the % of hits, I'm trying several

    textcaptchasolver: is regular

    Spamvilla solve: bad bad

    Banditim: is the best and cheapest.

    This section now am mdiendo separately, only

    TExtcaptcha solver.

    The penalty that you can change the order, but knowing it that the two work gives me equal.

    I'm looking for the % of failures, that is good for my.
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