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I'm Getting Very High CPU on Indentify Platform an Sought In

This is the first time this happened, but I am starting to get up to %90 CPU usage when running a list through GSA. I don't know if it is the lists I am using putting to much pressure on GSA any thoughts?


  • Yeah me too, infact my SER is crashing several times now when importing from a file large lists.
  • So you're having high CPU's your telling me. So then if the list is too large GSA has to work too hard.
    GSA use to be able to import large list, but I think after having millions of links already identified  GSA is pushing the limit now.
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited January 2015
    Perhaps it's time to clean the lists and dedupe, that can be an issue. I just started using a new list service when it started. I think there list where bad 
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