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I'm Averaging 28% Success Rate After 2000 Captchas, How Can I Improve This?

I'm not sure why my success rate is so low considering the lowest "success rate" projection type listed in CB is 47% (email). Any way I can get this up to where I've heard Sven and others say they are, like above 70% at least? Thanks for the help and let me know if you need any more info.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You should be more specific with which captcha type you're talking about exactly? 
  • Just my overall score at the bottom of the Captcha Breaker which reads "recognized:569/2089 (27%)". It keeps dropping, now I'm down to 27%. Not sure how to be more specific; I run it with GSA SER and use it as my first level captcha breaker, and in the few days I've been running it so far its efficiency has been getting worse and worse it seems.

    I've exclusively been using it on Web 2.0 and SER Engines campaigns but I'll be branching out to other forms of traffic/links soon if that helps.

    Shouldn't my Captcha Breaker (assuming it's up to date) be able to solve the exact same types of captchas which everyone else's (who has the same version) are able to?

    I just had to reopen CB and run SER again (after just closing them) but it quickly found at least 3 different types which it couldn't figure out:


  • SvenSven

    If you use it for Web2.0/Serengine sites only, then you should consider solving them manually or at least configure CB to skip every captcha type with a low success rate.

    Why? Because most of those types have a more complex captcha and since web2.0 sites are so important and usualy only want you to enter a captcha for registration, you should consider doing it manually once.

  • edited January 2015
    Good to know, Sven.

    So I'm assuming I can do this either by changing the universal "only try to solve if success rate is at least" percentage in options or by right clicking and telling it to "check/uncheck" all captcha types with success rate below a certain percentage?

    I'm going to branch out to other platforms soon so I'm sure I'll be using it more for those when I get there.
  • SvenSven
    Yes both ways work, however I would always use the global option only because if once a success rate of a certain type is bigger than in the past and would wallow solving, you would miss it with option 2.
  • does the captcha breaker has a image scraper for latest captcha images to scan?
  • SvenSven
    image scraper? Well in the SDK you can add samples from an URL in batch if it's thats what you asked.
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