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3 days Ago I have Started a New Campaign With Following Engines and Setting But I am Getting LPM less than 1.00
I Am Using 10 Semi-dedicated Proxies . I am Using 100K Keywords . What Is The Problem With My Campaign Please Point Out . I Am building T1


  • One small hint: if you have enough proxies try to lower those "60 seconds". And I dont know how much it helps to have ALL search engines checked...
  • banel Which Engines Do you suggest me to check
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    3000 threads with only 10 semi dedicated proxies? That would be the short fall I would think.
  • Trevor_Bandura I have also checked decrease threads on memory usage of 500MB
  • edited January 2015
    BTW how Much do you suggest me to go with if i unckeck it
  • All search engines checked:
    - some engines nearly dont give results so its waste of time to use all engines.
    - lets say you do query "dog training" to, than you do same query to and you get X% more unique targets (lets say 6 unique targets). Same query to will give you X/2 % unique domains, same query to next google engine will give you X/4% unique domains etc. So if you do same query to multiple google engines its waste of time and proxies unless you have hundreds of private proxies and you know what you do. Thats why you whould select few engines instead of all.

    Shared proxies - not only you use them so proxies can be (and probably will be) banned on google. In result you wont be able to harvest anything from G. Honestly if you want to build lists with ser (harvest google and post) you would need to spend at least 30-50 bucks for private proxies alone.

    3000 threads - more threads dont mean better. Sometimes less threads give better performance. Increase memory usage to 2-2.5GB, start with 100 threads and increase to find best settings.
  • Still NO improvement . I have set Threads To 100 . Added Some Public Proxies for scraping . Checked about 50 Search Engines. Imported  10K Targeted Urls from Scrapebox
  • SerSyncSerSync
    A few questions.

    1. Which emails are you using ?
    2. Running a VPS ?

    Just a couple of things I have noticed.

    1. Backlinks to create. Uncheck everything apart from Anchor text, article, wikki and social network. You're not trying to build the other links so uncheck them.

    2. Why are you not using use global lists identified ?

    With the right set up SER is a beast. The main things to take into account for great LPM is: Good private proxies, decent email accounts, threads that your set up can handle and good targets to post to.

    With the right set up you can achieve this type of LPM:

  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited January 2015
    SerSync for what do you use public proxies?
    Thank you.
    Ronit use maximum 50 threads.
    You need a VPS.
  • Idontknow I am Using berman hosting's VPS . And I am Moving to Hostwinds Windows VPS Tier 3

    Which has 3 GB Ram , 2 CORE Xeon Processor , 300 MBPS Internet Speed .
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited February 2015
    And just 10 proxies? I have 10-20 on my home pc and I need more.You must have at least 40-50.
    For public proxies I don't know but I don't think that are secure for submission.
  • Yes I will buy more semi private proxies
    I will buy at least 50 proxies and put more than 1000 public proxies

    I will set my thread to 600

    What do you say will that be good
    As I will also run SB seo content machine articles builder and Tbs alongside with gas ser cb and indexer
  • Do I need more ram or cpu cores
    Have A look on hostwinds windows Vps tier 3
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited February 2015
    I saw that VPS, but with that CPU and RAM I wonder if windows alone is working :)
    SB is eating a lot, more then GSA SER.
    Now you need proxies, cause 10 semi-private 50-70 threads maximum.
  • What do mean if windows alone is working on that vps
    I have been running GSA SER CB INDEXER IN a 1 gb 1 core windows VPS
  • And yes I will buy more proxies in a day or two on
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited February 2015
    When you will need 600-1000 threads will use almost 1Gb RAM just for GSA SER.
    You will see in time but good proxies is a must for you now.
    If you want to rise your lpm you must use 5-10-20 projects. Better split same project in few.
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