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Captcha Breaker Not Responding

Repeatedly captcha breaker is hanging, i'm using it from nice dedi server so resources is not the problem and also it only happens when using it on webserver mode. Below the error from the CB hang.

  A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
  Application Name: GSA_CapBreak.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp: 2a425e19
  Hang Signature: 5844
  Hang Type: 0
  OS Version: 6.1.7601.
  Locale ID: 1033
  Additional Hang Signature 1: 5844dfcc8324b858198d6a9ce15b74b8
  Additional Hang Signature 2: fb58
  Additional Hang Signature 3: fb5812cd10c984670ed5c3ff0d9039f2
  Additional Hang Signature 4: 5844
  Additional Hang Signature 5: 5844dfcc8324b858198d6a9ce15b74b8
  Additional Hang Signature 6: fb58
  Additional Hang Signature 7: fb5812cd10c984670ed5c3ff0d9039f2

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