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Count Failed captchas

edited January 2015 in Feature Requests
Hi @Sven I would like to ask you something that is very simple, we indicate the amount of failed captchasI do not asksomething very developed, just below in GSSA samples


Where the last number is the total number of captchas that GSA detected as failed. Is that it will not be real, but it will be ametric more to consider. I use 6 services of captchas, can I change the order, etx repeats... and look for every 10,000captchas few I have failed and thus improve workflow to solve captcha

I notice the log presented by GSA and there are sometimes "recaptcha failed", that is why I say it's easy to post it andpresent it.

I hope that this be of interest and think about in order to implement itI'm going blind, will that solve each system (albeitfalse positive) but not those who fail. I do like that it is global and it is not detailed by each system, but having that numberin global, it allows me to make changes and see if I have more or less failed.

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    added for next update
  • ohhhhh THANKSSS XDDDDDDDDD , very happy , thanks thanks
  • @Sven - Can you please make the failed captchas a feature that you can select or not select? I'd rather not see it at all, lol. This isn't a major request. Just whenever you get around to it and are prepping a new release with other important fixes, features, etc.

    Thank you
  • SvenSven
    Well it's just another number, just ignore it? :o
  • This me this resulting very but very useful, just a suggestion @Sven, it is only a small point, I think it would be much more useful and logical that instead of the amount outside the %. Add all the successful and assumptions with the successful and failed to calculate the % of failure.

    It is much more easy to visually see a %, that see a number at the end you have to remove the % equal to calculate if okay.

    I mean, if I go to GSA has been a day running and fault see 18556, maybe I'll have to do the calculation to find out if it is a % high or low in relation to the successful. If the figure is directly a % means the first hit view

    If normally I am among 30-34 and one day go and see a 42%, something goes wrong, you would know without accounts. This number could be updated every minute and substitute to the number of failures.

    It is only an idea, and with what was added I'm happy, this only would be a detail to improve it, as always, in you this decision. I've been 18 tests captchas settings but to have a value more real I have to make them a little long, but I have already improved my % and several points by removing services, this saving and if I save, every few months you hare a donation to @Sven
  • @Sven is another number but who will take this seriously and look for the information will be very useful. I believe that the huge lot of users of GSA usa not 20%, will believe it is set it up and now this. I have been more than 1 year with this program and others, and the truth'm still learning, and I dedicate one or two hours a day to review campaigns, optimize, search info, bark etc., the rest of the day, is management, content, billing etc...

    I see a lot of features that sometimes I don't use, but I try to understand them and when understand when value if you use them or not according to my SEO style.

    It is a number more, but my it helps me to save money, or better, increase my success rate, is not a simple a simple number. It is hard to scrape, theirs is to try to pass the CAPTCHA and having this information is very useful.

    I humbly think that judgment more large GSA, is the limited information there is. While your @sven much work and add many features and update much, info from the changelog (look at it always) is incomplete. Only add there, an explanation a little longer each action, added, arrangement or whatever, would help a lot, or as easy as creating a subforum and every new feature explain it in the first post, so when searching for information something similar, will be found, I'm not saying make a full super manual, but improve the explanation in the changelog or open a post for each line of the changelog would help a lot.

    Not used by not knowing what or not be mistaken. GSA makes much more of what people think, but is so full of options then you were looking for and many times you can't find information.

    Anyway thank you for keeping alive to GSA with so much update.
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