Idea on getting maximise rankings with GSA

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Hi guys,

Just had an idea out of the box.  How about scraping all the backlinks of your competitors of your keyword in google page 1 results.

The running a GSA campaign on them to build tier1s on those links (using import target urls).

Isn't this a quick and dirty way to copy your competition (for the competitions backlinks that can be autoposted).

If your competiton has used any type of automation backlinking at all isn't this an easy way to copy and should boost your search engine rankings for your keyword?



  • hmm sounds interresting ;)
  • i dont know if you are aware of the option: Also analyse and post to competitors backlinks , just thick that.
  • @rodol.  i saw that option but haven't tried it as didn't understand it.  have u tried and have u got good results?

    i'm talking about using scrapebox or hrefs or majestic seo to get competitor backlinks and then blast out a campaign and do it manually.

    Any thoughts on this guys?
  • Use BLM and import compititors backlinks..sort them and find high pr links ..either go manual on those links and build your links..then rest of links you can import into SER campaign and see how many platforms ser support..I haven't done in SER but i alwasy analyse competitors backlinks specially for High PR blog comments
  • SvenSven
    what @rodol's already in.
  • yep it's already in .. but havent tried to only search for competitors urls ;) have to try
  • ronron

    I don't think you are going to find anything of PR value other than a blog, or a private built web 2.0, or a purchased link. I think SB is the best analysis tool for what you are thinking. I can't think of any other platform than a blog where there might be some PR value + you could post to the same page. I could care less about his forum posts, guestbooks, etc.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ron "I think SB is the best analysis tool for what you are thinking." - explain? Using a analysis? 
  • ronron
    You can check PR and OBL. Not much else you need to analyze about a blog.
  • cool thanks ron
  • cool thanks ron
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