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Its Finally Here! Thwaites SEO Launcher, A Free Collection Of SEO Programs For The People!

Hey Guys,

If you dont know who i am my name is Rob, i am the proud owner of Thwaites SEO, which runs Magic Web Finder and 301 Redirector. As some of you may know we have been working on a new program that would not only help our customers but everyone in the SEO world. A couple Months ago we had a very cool idea, which was to build a system that would allow anyone and everyone to have access to some of the most common tools for the cost of NOTHING!

The Current free programs are as follows:

Google scraper
Keyword Scraper
Proxy Checker
Pr Checker

More are on the way! Remember this is just Version 1!

The launcher will allow you to run these programs right from your desktop and best of all there yours! If you have been a previous customer you know how good our support is, and let me start off by saying even if you havent paid for one of our premium programs it doesnt matter. You will still be able to contact me and report bugs or feature requests for our free programs and we will give the same support as our 301 Redirector or Magic web finder customers.

Why have we built this?

Its simple. When I first started SEO, i literally had no money to invest, the problem with this is the slow development from nothing to $100 then $100 to $1000, with Thwaites SEO Launcher it will give new people in the industry a quicker boost to earning some real money. Even if you have been here a while these tools are still useful.

Here are some screenshots of the launcher and free programs:






You can download Thwaites SEO Launcher Here:

If you have any questions or bug reports you can post below or email me at



  • You should remove the MWF and 301 from screenshot because they are not free ?
  • Hey,

    These are our premium programs, using the launcher you get all the free programs free.

  • Hey it's nice to have these simple tools for free. They work solid with clean interface and can come handy at times when scrapebox is occupied or I need something done fast.

    Thanks a lot for this free collection!
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