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Titles actually showing up as %generate_title% on some to fix?

any way around this bug? im seeing some articles posted with this as the title!


  • yeah im checking my other campaigns also all of the verified links have that as the title and all the keywords and all the project info is inserted into the posr! yikes!

    like all imported information from kontent machine is getting posted on one page! SOS
  • Wow I realised I have to press it again after i press generate title, how do i do this for all articles at once? is there a way?
  • SvenSven
    should get fixed in next update.
  • pelase make it so that it updates current projects so if it says %generate% it will automatically do it, i have hundreds of articles i delted that are only in GSA and have the generate as the title, please do this if its possbile, thanks.
  • SvenSven
    use notepad++ or a more advanced editor like simple notepad, do a search replace on files in a directory = done.
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