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TITLE attribute in Anchor Text

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Hi! I have some really BASIC SEO Question...

But I have seen some really successfull SEOs do use the TITLE attribute.....

Does the TITLE attribute have any SEO usefullness?

Say I want to backlink with the anchor "make money online", do i need to use the "TITLE attribute" ?

What happens in terms of SEO, If I use the anchor "make money online" but use the TITLE attribute "make money online with alex".

Which one "counts"?

Can I ovverride the anchor with the TITLE attribute In case a backlink would make more sense?


  • what? you dont use TITLE attribute for backlinks, that is called anchor text, Title attribute is for your content.
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    I dont' thinks title attribute has any impact on links juice..anchor text does

    title attribute is more helpful for image links
  • so use both?
  • ronron
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    From an seo perspective, you want to use either/and 'title' and 'alt' attributes for 'images' whenever you can, but wisely obviously.

    For links, you already have the anchor, so it isn't necessary. Some would argue it looks spammy to do that with a link because it is completely unnecessary.

    I never use it for a link, just images. Title and alt tags create a little pop up when you roll over images, and their purpose is if a person for whatever reason cannot display images in their browser, they can see some textual reference for what was in that space.

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