GSA Captcha Breaker Keeps Crashing

I am wondering if anyone else here is having the same problem.  The software runs for a decent period of time (about 1 day, sometimes less) and then crashes.  I am using a VPS and have it running most of the time.  I have a strong VPS quad core with 16GB Ram so I do not think that the VPS is the problem.  Anyone else having or had this problem? Any suggestions?


  • SvenSven
    Do you get a "send bugreport" window when this crash happens?
  • @Sven I will check the next time I get a crash.  I remember that there was a restart aplication and close application button, but I cannot remember if there was a send bug report option.  I will post back the next time it happens.

    Thanks !!
  • Try setting the CB process to "high priority" in windows task manager. I use CS as my last backup solver and was having a lot of crashes if it ran for an extended period of time. Crashes are a minimum now since I set CS to "high priority".

    IDK if it will help you or not with CB but worth a shot. It's probably an problematic URL that's causing it. Sending bad/malformed data or something. I've never had CB crash even once on me other than a corrupted update many months ago.
  • I will try out setting CB to high priority.  Sounds like a good idea.

    Thanks !!
  • I noticed that when GSA CB is running that for some captchas that it says "skipped by settings."  Is there a way to for GSA CB to attempt to solve all captchas and not skip any?

    Current Settings:

    (Unchecked) Only try to solve captchas is success rate is at least 1%
    (Checked) Unknown captchas try to solve

    Please let me know if I am missing something @Sven
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    Post a screenshot of your CB after first opening it up. Make sure you check the X box on ALL types of captchas. By default a bunch of captchas are not selected.

    EDIT: just check the parent folder to each type of captcha. Articles, Blog Comment, CMS etc.

    And then make sure you go back and de-select recaptcha so CB skips them if you have Tronix (unless you are sending recaptcha to Tronix from CB instead of using SER's API that is)
  • SvenSven
    @SuperSEO every unchecked captcha type in the main window is also skipped
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