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Reset Date on SER?

edited August 2012 in Need Help
I keep getting dates from SER that say something happened in the future.  The date is set wrong and so is the hourly time.

The reason I ask is because it looks like SER is only running one project.  The others are active, but I see links only being built to one project.  Does SER run all the projects based on the priority I have set, but it runs one project for an certain time, then begins the next for a certain time.

Anyway, how do I set the proper date and how can I tell if it is building to more than 1 project?

Thanks for your consideration


  • SvenSven
    I don't really get what you mean. Maybe the Date column on the Show URLs->Submitted ? Thats the date in the future that shows when the URL will be removed from the database if no link is seen on it tillt han. Thats why that column is called "Date (Timeout)".
  • OK that makes sense.  Thanks
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