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Just Bought CB, What Settings for a Guy Who Uses it On His Computer (No DS)

I have a brand new and powerful computer and 20 proxies; I'll be running both GSA SER and Captcha Breaker on this computer (With DeathByCaptcha as my backup for the really hard captchas). What settings should I be using for Captcha Breaker? Specifically:

Should I Tick "Run as Webserver"?
If yes, should I simulate any of the listed captcha services? (Remember I'm using DeathByCaptcha as my backup as is, not sure if this will mess that up)
Should I Tick "Send Captcha to the Following Service if Solving Failed"? (I see DeathByCaptcha is an option, not sure if that will mess up the settings I already chose in GSA SER with DeathByCaptcha as my backup)

Also, do I need to do anything to make sure it updates with new captchas, or will just the regular software updates handle that for me?

Thanks a bunch for the help team!


  • I am not sure, but i think you dont need to run it as webserver.
    You can enter API and select "Send captcha to the folloring service if solving failed"

    If you want DC to solve only Recaptca or something else, than check box" Send only marked types. "
    Find captcha, right click and "Togle use of Captcha Service"

    or you can setup DC as a second service in SER options.
    Try something, it doesnt bite.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    In CB you don't need to check "run as webserver" or emulate anything if you're using it with SER. In the SER captcha options just make sure you have CB set as your first service and deathbycaptcha as your second. 

    If you have it setup like that in SER, you don't need to select "send captcha to the following service if solving failed" in CB because SER will handle it.

    The captchas are updated automatically when Sven pushes new CB updates.
  • I run also GSA and CB only , I got few links results but atleast it won't dry up my bank.
    My settings are all default.
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