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How you get non english content

Hello guys, going to start few GSA campaigns to different countries, like Spain, France, Italia... Can you say where the best place to get content in language of this countries?

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    GSA SER has built in option to translate the content so you can paste english version and in the article module select it and translate to desired language.
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    Use "SEO Content Machine" software to get country specific content. I am using this ,though content quality is not that good but the software is OK for tier 2,3 links.

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    you can use #trans ... #notrans.
    for german it is #trans_de Some text here #notrans.
    here is the link to the manual[]=translate

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    For italian I'm using that 2 ways (#trans ... #notrans inside the articles of Ser, and FCS), but I tell you that the quality is more than terrible. It's ok for T2 and T3 contents, about T1 the only positive news is that the SEO in that countries is not so strict like for the english content.
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