Two Thumbs-up for Sven on a VERY2 QUICK new features

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I noticed a post the other day about Askmebot.

And then now , I see a Askmebot on Settings/Captcha?

Damn .I loved the developers even more :)


  • What is even more impressive is them setting up that setting when they are about to release a similar competing service. But when your product is better than the rest in the market, there is no true competition no matter how many companies are out there. Good job sven
  • Can you already use askmebot? Because the setting requires an api key and the website sais they are still under construction.
  • askmebot is not a regular captcha solver, is a question captcha solver i think is unique, i dont know any other program doing this.
  • pietpatat i didnt tried it yet coz I dont have askmebot.
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