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Got updated CS into X3 and got so many duplicates.

Does any knows what should I select/deselect on those?

I am using SER for Article Directories Alone + CS X3

PS. sory if Im asking on GSA forum.


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    nothing, ser and cs working together.

    i like that the competition in captcha solving software gets going.
  • I would assume these are for the many different types of drupal blog captchas out there and the many different types of general blogs.
  • yes the dupes are captcher variations
  • so what should i select?
  • funny the X3 version, i just installed it,
    and was looking at it for few minutes,

    it solved all Captchas wrong, but in the lower menu its writes 37 Capthcas solved

    hence i am wondering how my overall statitics since i use it realy look like, how many of the 200.000 Captchas is reported are solved, where solved correctly, makes me wonder

  • Yeah they probably only released X3 because they felt they still had a chance to compete in this market, while everyone knows they will pretty much be out of business once CB gets out.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Not much of an improvement on my end either.
    Speed is faster but most capcha's not getting solved.
  • Sven : My total Article Directory projects are :149, and CS X3 is keep on crashing .

    1. Should I Lower my projects?
    2. How many would you prefer?

    Thanks in advance.
  • @oil, it's always been like that. From what i remember reading on another forum, the 'total solved' section simply means the number of captchas that the software attempted to answer, and not the total number it actually solved.
  • Which brings up a good question - does anyone know of any way to check the actual efficiency of CS without saving all saved captchas and manually reviewing? 

  • Run SER without any captcha service/CSX on a list of urls.then run same list again with CSX

    I did test it on Senuke and  CSX was able to solve around 50-100 more sites [which is around 5-10% of total sites in senuke]..but haven't done in SER
  • For me , I can see a great boost in performance with the new version. More stable , faster and more captchas were added.
  • +1 for performance boost
  • Upped my threads by 50% after installing X3
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    if the next page contains words like wrong captcher etc.. or successful registration etc you can estimate that the captcher input was wrong or right.
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    So far, Not Good.  CSX3 is faster than CSX2 but I'm noticing it's fast in giving wrong answers too.  I've watched CSX3 operate for about 20 minutes now and just left and right "captcha not solvable by service" and "captcha was wrong".  One after the next for the last 20 minutes.  @Sven, how much longer man?

    -1 for me
  • maybe put more retries? ive put 3 now
  • I will give that a try.  Are you seeing any substantial difference with 3 retries?
  • @TOPtActics - what do you mean by 'next page'? I'm thinking of the log, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something.

    Also, is there a way to save the log to file?
  • pfffff. did not know there was even X3............. glad the GSA forum is there..
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