Setting Up A Buffer Site - What Types Of Links To Use + Tiering Options

I am planning on setting up  buffer web 2.0 sites that link to my money site.  I wanted your opinions on what types of links to use and how to tier this.

Would I set up a campaign like this:

Money Site
Web 2.0s Buffer (Tier1)
Would I blast my buffer sites with everything eg. blog comments, guestbooks, forum profiles, contextual links, articles, wikis, social networks. redirects

Or should I build out 3 Tiers with the Tier 2 being high quality contextual links and using the Tier 3 as Spam Tier? 
Also, where would I blast the 301 redirects, to which tier? Can GSA create 301 redirects ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am looking forward to everyone's opinions.

Thank You


  • SvenSven

    There are several threads here addressing this topic on what is suggested for tier1/2/3...

    Like the

  • Hey SuperSEO,

    I used to do:
    Money Site---->Web 2.0s--->Contextual GSA----->GSA blog comments

    But now I do this with exact same results:
    Money Site---->Web 2.0s--->All Types of GSA links

    I hope that answers your question. :D

  • @JamesRoss

    How long does it usually take for you to see the link juice to pass from the tiers to the money site?

     All Types of GSA links---->Web 2.0s---->Money Site
  • To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure. I usually rank within 2-4 weeks but I think that's more to do with the web 2.0s being indexed then the actual juice being passed.
  • Buffers are my ultimate favorite, with those i have found out you can blast all links, they can usually handle all of them, Not only do i use everything from SER to blast at them, i also use xrumer, combo of both...

    As Jamesross has said, usually within couple of so weeks ranks begin.
  • The better quality "buffer" or "Tier 1" links you build, the more effective your GSA SER tier campaigns will be. Lot of good link targets out there that aren't just "web2.0".
  • Are you using FCS Networker for your web 2.0s?

    @justdoit @JamesRoss
  • @superseo  NO, i'm too lazy to build them with FCS, i hire peeps on fiverr 
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