Account awaiting activation? At a complete loss. Please help. [Settings/photos Incl.]

Hi All,

I have searched non-stop for three days on this topic and found everything on it and nothing has clarified this issue. I am scraping with GScraper for do follow contextual links like Articles/Social Networking/Wiki targeting just one or two popular CMS's each time.

I will achieve a list of 1Mil URLS and load it into a project and see exceptionally high numbers of submitted links, 1-3 per second even. But none are getting verified.

The Email signups are received in the AOL account and apparently checked by GSA as they eventually get deleted but I just see the message "awaiting account verification" under the submitted links.

To assist, the options in GSA are as follows:-

No search engines checked, not using global site lists, only the scraped urls


I do not ever ask for help for anything, I always try to work it out myself. I've been to bed at 5am for the past 3 days and worked non-stop all day too on this and I just can not work out how to get this fixed.

I ran 55k links last night, got many thousands submitted and got 10 verified!

Please, please can someone assist. I will provide any details required.

Best Regards


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    I've seen this requested on other threads so will provide early, I have 1500 Submitted links awaiting verification with none verified thus far. I have set the project to verify only to paste the log:-

    The result is that none got verified.

    Also, regarding proxies I am using 20 dedicated private proxies all are working.

    Best Regards
  • SvenSven
    Well you have some verified in that log. You just have to turn the project back on to "Active" as it will not create any link with "Active (verify only)". Also note that most of the links are Drupal and Wordpress sites. Those are special as many allow registration/login but later no posting.
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    Thank you kindly for the response. The projects were of course switched back to Active afterwards to continue submitting etc, no verified links are found or created at any point.

    Is this something to do with settings/scraped urls/emails? Does anyone have any idea why it may be behaving in this way?
  • It appears the issue with getting accounts on websites verified is down to the footprints you use to scrape with. IE it seems as though you can sign up to websites (news letters etc) without making an account at all to activate.

    (I THINK?)


    However I've now seen that even though accounts are going live the number of verified links is not increasing for the Articles, is this to do with approval times?
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