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How Many Emails Accounts Should I Use ?

As The Title Says How Many email accounts Should I Create Per 1000 Submits .

And will it give me benefit if I use more emails than you recommend . I am using wiz email creator for it is it good or should I go out for paid email accounts


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  • well, i dont know, I usualy have minimum of 20 per project.
    Everyone has his own strategy. You can decide to replace them every xxx submitions or verificated urls or once a month or till they dont die.
  • What I normally do is take like 5 domains I own and setup a catchall on them and have all the emails over those 5 domains sent to just one email. Then I have SER use all on the 5 domains but only "check" email on one account. You can do that or you can use something like SEOspartan service, that works great as well and inexpensive.

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