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Search and Click Mode

I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to code a "Search & Click Mode" to help with bounce rates.

You put it on that mode, and it uses the keywords to search Google for YOUR urls from the project.  When it finds one, it clicks on it, pauses there for a random amount of time (but something long, like 1 - 4 minutes), then clicks a link on your site, goes to that page and does the same thing, thus lowering your bounce rates and increasing the time spent per page - important factors for Google.  It could also visit the ranking competitors sites for a few seconds, then click back, thus increasing their bounce rate, and helping you push ahead of them.

Obviously, without a bunch of proxies it wouldn't really help, but sending a few hundreds visitors to your site, from organic searches, and having them hang out on the site for a while and click around should have a nice effect on Google rankings.
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