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★★★★★ Kill Your Bounce Rate With Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin ★★★★★

Get More Traffic and Make More Sales
By Killing Your Bounce Rate With
Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin


Picture this: You have your website set up, you’ve fine-tuned your sales funnel, and you’re landing page is primed for maximum conversions. All you need now is to pour in some traffic and start making money online.
What could possibly go wrong…?


Bounce rate is when visitors land on your website only to immediately click the back button on their browser. This is typically a website’s most devastating loss of traffic!
According to recent studies the average bounce rate for websites is 50% to 70% !

That’s potentially 50% to 70% of your profits going down the drain!

ZERO BOUNCE WordPress Plugin

Brought to you by Force Spark, ZERO BOUNCE is a true next generation bounce rate reduction plugin for the WordPress website platform.

By allowing you to redirect your visitors to any URL of your choice when they click the back button,
it allows you to virtually eliminate your bounce rate and turn “lost” traffic into profit!

Website without ZERO BOUNCE WP Plugin:


Website with ZERO BOUNCE WP Plugin:


List of all features and demo video are available at product website:

ZERO BOUNCE is Easy to Use and Beginner Friendly!
Get Setup and Kill Your Bounce Rate in Less than 1 Minute!

Get Instant Access to ZERO BOUNCE
Visit <<

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For All Support Questions - Visit Support Desk Here

Affiliates - Visit Affiliate Program Page Here


Plugin Options:

Manual On/Off Switch
This plugin comes with an easy to use “on/off” switch. This gives you complete control when using this plugin and keeps you from having to uninstall the plugin if you want to temporarily disable it.

Easy to Use URL Redirect
Don’t lose money because people are hitting the back button! Redirect your “lost” traffic to any URL you wish and increase your conversions and revenue with ease!

Dynamic Redirect Rotation
ZERO BOUNCE allows you to automatically rotate several redirect URLs. This is exceptional for split testing so that you can ensure that you always get the highest conversion rates possible!

Selective Redirect
Want to only redirect visitors who come from certain sites? Thanks to ZERO BOUNCE’s advanced “string” technology you can set it to redirect only visitors who come from sites you specify!

Automatic Timed Deactivation
There may be instances where you’d want ZERO BOUNCE to turn off and not redirect visitors if they’ve stayed on your page for longer than a certain time such as with longer sales letters, landing pages, etc. With the automatic timed deactivation feature you can set ZERO BOUNCE to not redirect visitors who have stayed on your page for a certain amount of time!

Mobile/Desktop Toggle
Want to only redirect desktop users? No problem! Want to only redirect mobile users? Again, no problem! ZERO BOUNCE lets you choose to redirect only desktop or only mobile users if you wish for enhanced demographic targeting!

UPDATE - Version 1.1

In this version there are several new features:

Redirect only X percent of visitors.

As soon the mouse leave the browser window the visitor gets redirected.

Redirect visitor only once.

Inside every post and page in wp-admin (at the bottom) is new option - "Force enable" - If activated, the visitor will get redirected even if Zero Bounce itself is deactivated in settings.

Overall performance is improved and infinity loop is fixed.

Here are some of reviews:



  • We are giving 4 free review copies to reputable members here.
    All we are asking is to post after receiving plugin from us.

    You should have high traffic wordpress site for testing this.

    Post here if you are interested.
  • Can i get the review copy. I will leave the review within 24 hours.
  • edited January 2015
    Yes, send me PM with your email and you will get download link and license key in your inbox.
  • Can I get a review copy if there are any left?
  • @davbel
    Yes, send me PM with your email and you will get download link and license key in your inbox.
  • vkp1988vkp1988

    Interested on a review :). is there any left?

  • @vkp1988
    Yes, send me PM with your email and you will get download link and license key in your inbox.
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    Review as promise:

    Very authentic method, never heard that i can also do that to reduce my bouncy rate to 30% in one of my rush blog. Without plugin my bounce rate is 75% ~X( but after installing this plugin it went down to 45-47% ^:)^.   Another cool thing is i can able to move the visitor to any web page or web sites if promoting something cpa offer or providing services. I will definitely become the affiliate of this plugin to sales it. 

    To avoid any google detection, just rename the plugin folder and you are good to go, as i read it on somewhere about this plugin. 
  • @redfoxseo
    Thank you for feedback!

  • any more review copies left? If yes I would like one please.
  • @newbieseo
    Yes, one more left - send me PM with your email and you will get download link and license key in your inbox.
  • Another review:


    UPDATE - Version 1.3

    New Features:

    - Disable Zero Bounce for Homepage/ Post/ Page

    - Redirect by Referrer

    - Redirect by Country

    Update plugin to the latest version like any other WP plugin (from wp-admin area).

    Single domain license is avaliable for $19 here -
  • Here is one nice video review about Zero Bounce WP Plugin:

  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    wow!...Not sure how I missed this thread! are there any review copies left or any discounts available?  
  • @MorphMan
    There are many many reviews all around internet.
    I have sent you PM with 15% discount code.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    no worries, I have already purchased a single license to give it a try via another forum

    NEW Feature - added the possibility to add multiple URLs for a custom URL in post/page settings
  • @linkprocessor can you shoot me a discount code please? thanks
  • PM sent. thank you!
  • Hello, admin can get the Copy of Zero Bounce plz?

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