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SVEN If i change the anchor text in the main front page options after importing API from KontentMach

does that mess up the campaign?>

becuase i see all sorts of unrelated keywords after i import API and import the articles manually and what not.....does those GSA anchors on the main options page override the articles and randomly insert those anchors in the article?


  • SvenSven

    That depends what you have imported. Usually KontentMachine (KM) offers you options on what link to place and in what way. If you only used macros here like %link% then SER does it all for you, else the anchors from KM will be used.

    However the unwanted anchors might also come from certain types of engines used what not use your anchor text but there own. You can uncheck them using the right click on the engine selection->uncheck engined not using your anchor texts.

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