How to achieve 100 VPM?


I started building contextual backlinks but i have very low vpm.. it 0.45 to 0.9 sometimes...

I'm using my pc with 4 gigs of ram and intel 5 processor with 20 private proxies, hotmail emails and running 100 threads. 

I also use my verified list but no success at all. 

What am i doing wrong?


  • Some engines give high lpm and vpm without problems, on other engines its hard to get high lpm/vpm and i will tell you why.
    For example:

    Blog comments - SER break easy captcha (sometimes its possible to post comments without captcha), post, and check -> done.

    Article sites - SER have to break harder captcha, sometimes fill many fields, register, check email & confirm, than post. Sometimes SER have to do X attempts to succesfully register because proxy/email is blacklisted or captcha is recognized wrong.

    As you can see with article (and similar quality) sites SER have to do alot to get backlink. Thats why its hard to get high LPM on such sites. With good list, proxies and proper settings high lpm is possible.

    You can post here settings, maybe something can be improved.
    I would change hotmails to something better.
  • I know what you want to say... But if you read carefully i'm talking about contextual bl's and not any other kind like blog comments... There has been time when everything was running smoothly. 

    I've invested some bucks into quality lists, emails and private proxies and no success at all.
  • FilipMKD

    I suggest you review your Proxies/Emails/Captcha.

    I am surprised you are still using hotmail emails. They stopped working for me in SER quite sometimes ago. The same thing applies for outlook emails.

    You might also want to consider human captcha solving service as a 2nd captcha solver for SER. A lot of sites are moving to recaptcha and no automated software can crack is so far. This will have noticeable impact on your submission/verification rates.
  • Accepted Answer
    100vpm for contextuals with 100 threads, bought lists and 20 proxies - i dont think its possible.
    Captchatronix and spamvilla crack recaptchas like peanuts. Many automated sofwares can crack recaptcha, even CB (with low succes rate).
  • satyr85

    Thanks for introducing me to these two services. So far I have used Captcha Sniper and Captcha Breaker and the repatcha solve rate has been close to none so I stopped looking for automated recaptcha solvers long time ago but it seems like I have some catching to do.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    The easiest way to get 100VPM is by importing all account data from your projects in to a new project. SER will then use that account data to log in to the already made accounts and make a new post. This will cut out any need to re-register again if the account is still active of course.
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