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Why SER doesn't skip sites that are in the filter?

edited January 2013 in Bugs
Sven, why SER doesn't skip sites that are in the filter? I have add and checked to skip but it again submits to xfire. What is the solution to avoid it. I have to manually trace and delete unwanted submissions. I have noted earlier some other site which is in my filter as well. This is or something like this if my memory service me. Could you please advice what to do?


  • SvenSven
    where did you add them and how?
  • I add them in Project Options-Filter URLs-Skip the sites with the following words in URL/Domain

    Just a minute ago I've got manual category selection windows on some porn site on lesbos video category
    O:-). Be sure in the above filter "words appear on the site" I have great porno library collection in the filter
  • SvenSven
    should be fixed in upcoming version. There was a small issue on the format that is passed to the filter (depending on how you added your wordlist).
  • Clear, thank you!
  • next time just unthick xfire from platforms =)
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