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VPS shuts down while running GSA

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VPS shuts down while running GSA. After a 24-hour run and when I logged in back I always noticed it shut itself down. URPad support says the RAM needs to be increased but I need to know if there is something on GSA setup that I can tweak.

Hope you can help me with this issue. Here is the specs of our VPS:

Disk space: 60GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 500 GB
Dedicated RAM: 768 MB
CPU Allocation: 3.40 GHz

In my GSA I am using these settings:

Threads: 10
HTML timeout: 60

I am running Captcha Sniper and GSA SEO Indexer simultaneously

I am also running 20 private proxies.

Here is the screenshot of my campaign running:


Can you please help?




  • SvenSven

    How many projects?

    The only setting to decrease memory usage is the global filter option -> Maximum size of a website to download. Set that to 1MB as things above that might be useless anyway.

  • Hi Sven,

    There are only 3 projects. Each project has multi tier campaign inside as you see in the diagram.

  • Also, can you please tell me what does the function 'Maximum size of a website' do?

    Thanks again!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    It sets the size of the website that GSA downloads. So by limiting it to 1mb it only downloads the first 1mb. Some pages have lots of spammer comments and are big and this is another filter you can use to get high quality links. :-)
  • I'm also having the same problem, i just found this.. hope this will help prevent the vps shutting down...
  • Still shutting down... i think i will move to powerup then...

  • I was having similar problems, but it turns out it was CS rather than GSA... it seems to have memory leak problems. I restart CS a few times a day and all runs fine now.
  • That's a very good tip, I would start recommending people on PUH support ticket :)
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