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BanditIM Email Purchase API

edited January 2015 in Buy / Sell / Trade
Just posting a quick discussion to let everyone know that we now offer an open API for email purchasing. Although GSA doesn't have it implemented, you may find use of it with other software or your own custom tools. Let me know if you have any questions!

API Details:*YOUR API KEY*&quantity=1&gsa=1

1. You can find your API key from this page:
2. Your emails can be accessed from the normal Purchase page after you buy from the API (in case you lose the emails or need to grab them at a later date).
3. Any order through the API over 100 emails will receive an additional 1% links for over delivering. These over delivered emails are free of charge and are in place to cover any "bad" emails.
4. You can take off the &gsa=1 at the end of the URL to receive emails in email:password format instead.

Current emails supported in the API:

Nokiamail -

- Neil


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