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Anyone Had Issue With SpamVilla Order?

On Jan 2nd, I made an order with Kelvin @Spamvilla. For the OCR service. I am actually just testing. But to my surprise, I have only received the payment confirmation and nothing else. I have done all I could o contact Kelvin, I received no reply.
I am just tired right now. Can someone suggest another good OCR service? Because I don't think I won't ask for a refund


  • I've been a fairly big supporter of spamvilla  Meaning i've always liked their service but the last 2-3 weeks have been pretty bad.  and i've sent tons of skype messages only to get no responses or i'm looking into it but still the same results. :(  I think I might actually end up cancelling it and going with someone else.
  • I use captchatronix and im very satisfied. Good proxies and i dont see any recaptchas in CB (captchatronix as first captcha solver only for hard captchas).
  • I switched last month from captchatronix to spamvilla because I heard support had improved...At first spamvilla was working awesome, now not so much.. guess I won't be renewing and will be going elsewhere as well.
  • Kelvin finally did sent the details to me. I decide to just use them for a month. I'm switching because the support still sucks a big time.
  • BTW... Thank you all for you inputs
  • yesterday ordered OCR just for test, still have no response, excepting order confirmation.
  • LOL! Just wait for 3-4 days. Their service is good, just the support
  • I contacted Kelvin via skype on thursday and he promised me that I will receive my order within 24 hours.

    Since then 5 days has passed and I didn't get my order by now

    needless to say that Kelvin ignores all my messages

    I placed a dispute on paypal - Kelvin if you see this please refund me promptly!
  • If the service still works, could someone tell me, what is the actual success rate for Google recaptcha? Anyone knows more services like this?(except Captchatronix and ReverseProxies)
  • Many thanks for reply, looks promising
  • edited January 2015
    Kelvin(Spamvilla) seems to back now so I would message him.
  • sentvdzsentvdz
    Same thing here
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    I have cancelled my service with them, and now use Eve ( newly relaunched )
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