Verification links in Email Not getting verified

18:26:15: [ ] Checking E-Mail catch@***** for links (10 verifications waiting)...

Is what i keep seeing, but none of the links are getting verified so i am having trouble posting to websites.
I have read into this, but am not seeing any solutions. I have tried using 2 different sets of Yahoo accounts, and am using a catch all email service.
but cant seam to figure out what the links are not getting verified . 

Any ideas?
What more info do you need.


  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    What engines are you using?

    On Monday i'm going to be starting my debugging and fixing things like this for my update service I provide to people that purchase my lists.
  • I have checked my email catch all account and i am getting the links for verification.
    so the account it setup correctly, and now GSA is just sitting at the 

    18:26:15: [ ] Checking E-Mail catch@***** for links (10 verifications waiting)...

    not doing anything
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I mean for what SER engines are you seeing this happen on?

    Article's, Social Network, etc
  • articles, wiki, mircoblog , directory, img comments. 
    for the ones i have tested atleast. 
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    OK thanks, i'm going to start de-bugging on Monday.

    And you said that you logged in to the email account and seen the verification emails waiting to be processed correct?
  • correct, i see the emails in the catch all email address i am using. 
  • anyone else have a idea what might be going on? 
  • A lot of websites just simply never send you a verification link. You can check this by checking the emails manually via pop3.

    I've also noticed that SER sometimes will not find the verification emails for certain platforms. Take Drupal for example. They usually send emails that look something like this which are one time login links before defining a password. Alot of times SER's email verification will say it found data for 1 url (0 verify, 0 login) for these type of links.

    Also, A LOT and I mean A LOT of platforms have started to send the verification link in a non-hyperlink format. I've seen many broken up something like this:


    I pay close attention to SER's log and have checked many of my own emails myself to notice it's not only a SER issue. MANY sites are combating spam and if you use bought verified lists that everyone else is hammering it's much more likely the site will start to use anti-spam methods.
  • DeadMilkMenDeadMilkMen Space
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    hmm.. Well the links are hyperlinks. the emails that i see in my email account. 
    most of them were atleast. 

    What would you suggest? I cant get any articles, wiki, mircoblog , directory, img comments to post
    look into just buying  "fresh" verified list that is working for others? 
  • because of right now, i am only able to post at a low LPM with 
    exploit, url shortner, directory, rss, blog comments, guest books, social bookmarks 
    and only a handful of them after a day of running. 

    thanks for all the help so far, hope we can get this figured out
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    Are using the latest version of SER? Because there were some SERIOUS email verification problems with prior versions.

    I'm currently getting quite a decent amount of articles, wiki, microblogs, etc with the latest version using yahoo & nokiamails and my modified contextual engines of 2 days timeout on email verification. I still think Sven should increase this to at least a day on some contextual engines because email login issues etc can affect your ability to verify the emails in time.

    I'm using ScraperBandit from BanditIM here in the forums to scrape my own lists but I still get the type of links you're talking about with some recent verified lists sold here. Drupal seems to be the only platform I'm having a lot of issues with and I think it's because SER isn't utilizing their one-time login links sent by email properly.

  • yeah its the latest version.  :(  Perhaps they are still having issues with it. 

    is what i am getting at the moment, same deal with the other links like wiki,microblogs, and my verified submitted links of everything else is very minor. 
  • Yeah I just caught some issues today with the latest version. I posted in the other LPM thread. Sven's gonna need to look into it.
  • alright, @sven let us know please. 
  • My Verified links are also Super low compared to Submitted.
    I am sure the verification emails are part of that issue, but even with all of the filters turned off. ( for a test)  So i can just post to anything, the verified links are under 5% of submitted 

    Is this perhaps a GSA issue at the moment? Been playing around with settings without any luck 
  • yeah i have 341 emails in my account and none of them are being shown as read.

    anymore thoughts? 
  • SvenSven

    >yeah i have 341 emails in my account and none of them are being shown as read.

    a pop3 protocol can not tell you if the emails are read or not. Thats your email client doing it.

  • yah not sure. those are the links above that are summited. 
    one below that is what happens when I verify 
    and the one below that is when I selected verify emails only
    nothing new for submitted .

    Thats the issue im having. thanks for being helpful and helping out. but still not sure whats going on. 
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    I'm having that same problem too. I hope they'll fix it soon. I haven't been able to use GSA for a week already. Kinda frustrating.  [-(
  • SvenSven

    you seem to use a catch-all email. In the log you can see that you login with two projects at a time to the same account and do parsing/delete (?). Im not sure if thats going to work (depends on your email server). That when you delete one email with one login and parse the message with another, is that still visible or would it cause problems. 

    I would suggest you to use the option to wait between logins.

    Also note that submission starts only after a normal activation. On some engines the url from "submitted" is only removed on a successful login.

  • I am using one from . and ive tired two different set of yahoo email accounts without any luck. So i dont think its the email account thats causing the issue.  
  • the yahoo accounts bought from banditIM and Fiver + SEOSpartans catch all have the same issue. links in the emails are not getting verified. 
  • SvenSven
    How can you tell they are not getting verified? What makes you think it is like that?
  • erkprtmerkprtm indonesia
    Hello sir,

    i have same problem, my GSA keep checking email and not verify link.


  • SvenSven
    @erkprtm you seem to have set the status of your project to "Active (verify only)". Change it back to Active to make it build links.
  • KaineKaine
    And you have selected 1500s between last login.
  • erkprtmerkprtm indonesia
    edited January 2016
    Thanks for your answer @Sven i change it to verify only because verified bar still zero, is that normal? right now my submitted link bar is 2300 and counting but verified still zero.

    @kaine how much is supposed to be?that number i got from other thread discussion in this forum.

  • KaineKaine
    Is supposed to avoid blacklist be your email provider, setting change whichever one you use.

    I not use this option.
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