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How Many Threads Can I Make With My PC

I have a PC and want to run SER along with GSA indexer , CB , Scrapebox , Kontent Machine , An Account Creator . So my question is how many threads can i have in SER and How much Threads does SER support .

Here Is My PC Configuration

Core I7 970 { 6 Cores }
Ram 16 GB
SSD 60 GB + 2 TB HDD
Coolermaster Cabinet with 4 Fans
Screen - 24" LED
Windows 8.1

I Can Increase My RAM to 32 GB If I Can get Maximum Threads

What Do you Think What Will be the Maximum Threads I Can Use



  • You didn't mention your Internet connection. If above 50Mbps, you can easily run as many threads as you like till you start seeing quite a few socket errors in the running logs.

    I suggest you invest in Private proxies/quality emails/custom built lists/recaptcha solver etc.

    These will have high verified rate as apposed to focusing only on running higher number of threads.

    Remember that what works for others might not work for you so do not take my words and experiment with different configurations till to discover what works best for you.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    The amount of threads you can run all depends on your internet connection speed and the amount and type of proxies you have.

    Many people say 10 threads per proxy but I find that MAX 5 threads per proxy is the best.
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    kashifM Should I Buy Semi Dedicate Proxies from My Internet Speed Is above 50MBPS . And I build My Emails With Wiz Email account Creator Should i stop it and buy bulk accounts .  I Don't Have any Custom Site List But Thinking to buy SB Will it do the job . And I will use 10 threads / proxy .

    What Do you Recommend me

    And If I Buy 4GB VPS From Is it Good For all tools I Mentioned In my Post .

    And One More Thing How Many Email Accounts Should I Use With a Project If I am Flooding it with 10K Submissions
  • Ser supports up to 3k threads as far as i remember but from my experience ser is more stable with lower ( threads so more threads is not simple method for better performance.

    Number of threads you will be able to run depends on your internet connection and router. Most routers for home users are not perfect. My friend bought decent PC for Xrumer + Ser and router was freezing every XX minutes, no internet connection  etc. Check your internet connection speed to multiple places (not closest to your location). For scrapebox (harvesting) + ser (posting) you will need 10-40 mbps. Another thing is your internet provider can limit your connection speed if you use too much bandwidth.

    Dont buy VPS. For ~ 45 bucks you can get decent dedicated server, few times more powerfull than vps.
  • @ronit: It's a matter of trial and error. Keep increasing your threads while keeping an eye on your processor, ram and bandwidth performance using task manger. I try and use a threads/proxies ratio of 10/1. If, for example, you have 20 proxies and 200 threads, and you still have performance headroom, add more proxies and threads.
  • @satyr85: problem with dedicated server are the IP, right? i found some cheap ones but just have one IP, or you means use dedicated and purchase more ip?

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