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what is the effect of increasing the thread of gsa to 1000

I have 4Gig ram ruining on a vps and just increased the thread to 1000 but there is a  warning that it is best for gsa to run on 100 thread, but I just increased to 1000 an negative effect?


  • if CPU is maxed out, you will get a lot of time outs
    if the server is slow, SER might crash
  • To run on 1000 threads, you need to tweak the settings a lot, because having 1000 connections at once can be problematic. You have to change the settings for timeout, you have to change the settings for reCaptcha (or you will be banned), you have to get more proxies, or you will get banned from Google/Sites, you also need to have a good Internet connection and many other things which I can't think of right now.
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    Here is how I run mine. No problems at all.

    Server: Xeon E3 8 cores 6 gig of ram
    Threads: 700 (Normally keep to 1:10 - 1 proxy to 10 threads)
    Proixes: 70
    Timeout: 100

    Rarely do I get sock timeout. I was getting that with a lower amount of proxies so I just got more proxies and works better. Good fast proxies play a huge role in your speed. More proxies = more posting speed, more threads to run. Of course you need a fast machine to handle it and on that side you need ram!

    What does all this crap mean? My setup = about 27k links posted yesterday. That's all it's about, verified links done and indexed.

    Hope this help get you to a good understanding of what you need to run fast threads 24/7


  • How you index so many links @Matt?
  • @Idontknow I am using They are really great and do a fantastic job at getting pages indexed.

  • You can set it for 1000 but I've noticed that when I run mine at 300 and then the next day run it at 200, I get the same amount of links done.
  • SerSyncSerSync
    If you tweek the settings you can get Ser running like a beast. The main thing to keep in mind is the amount of proxies you are using, timeout and CPU usage. I have 100 private proxies, timeout 120 and CPU usage between 65-80%. I average around 400-600 LPM but can get as high as 1,000.

  • SerSync how many campaigns are you running with 1000 thread?
    What's your VPS specs?
    Are campaigns contextual or mixed platforms?
  • @matt

    I am using but after seeing Matthew Woodward do a post vs - I am thinking of moving to them but its a JUMP in pricing.

    What do you think?

    Also I think you only need a DEDI at 4GB as thats the MAX SER can run at so no point in wasting money on more memory.

  • SerSyncSerSync
    @ Sunnyjk I run 60-70 projects. The screen shot above has a mixture of different platforms including junk.

    I have 100 private proxies and have the top VPS package from Greencloudvps. i also have a minimum of 10 emails per project.
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