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Proxies burning out

I just bought 10 private proxies  last night  and 8 hours later they are dead?  I only use them for submission.. This first happen with (simi-dedicated) and now has happen again with instant proxies(private)? I  don't understand. 


  • I had the same problem too. And they burned out after i've updated the to the new version.

    The funny thing is, when i tested against Google, the proxies passed with no problem. Then, one hour later, they all fail in the Google test. And when i put the same proxies again and do a Google test, they all passed!!!

    This is strange. Letś wait and see there is one solution.
  • I think i have found a solution: Restart GSA SER and lower the number of the threads.

    Now it runs smoothly.

  • Go by this rule -> Number of proxies * 10 = amount of threads to use
    I use buyproxies semi-dedicated -> i don't see the need for private proxies. 
    These settings are working well for me atm - no proxies burned out in a week+ span.
  • isnt that too much for semi-dedi, * 10?
    3 users, all runing 10 proxies at 100 threads = 300threads / 10 semi prixies
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