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Limit Queue to...Urls

edited December 2014 in GSA Email Spider

I have a question:
What is the main purpose of "Limit Queue to ... urls" option?
1. Search for Urls, put them on Queue, once the limit is reached, search the urls for emails and that is all
2. Search for urls, put on them on queue, once the limit is reached, search the urls for emails and after it is done with the emails, add new fresh urls on queue. I mean is it supposed to split queue urls on/into small portions to prevent memory (RAM) overload?

My main problem is that GSA Spider tends to use more and more memory, and it doesn't free up memory by itself, only after a restart. GSA SER has some similar issues, but it is not a problem to restart it from time to time. I found out that Queue has something to deal with memory overload, so I would like to optimize it and prevent peaks in memory usage.

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  • SvenSven

    If the queue is full, then no further URL is added anymore.

    Maybe make a screenshot of your options so I see where your memory waste is coming from.

  • edited December 2014

    I tested something before minutes. As I have GSA SER on 8 Gb (RAM) machine Windows 2008.
    And GSA Spider on Windows XP. Seems like XP has older memory management system.
    I still need to do some tests (need to test GSA Spider under Win2008 for longer time), but I believe this solves my issue.
    Thank you for your attention :) 
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