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Dismal performance after update to 9.45

Hey Guys,

After updating to 9.45, performance has come to a halt for me, none of the links get verified. My AA list that was running perfectly before 9.44 and 9.45, not one link gets verified now. Private proxies are fine, checked and rechecked them. GSA is also not downloading any new proxies, just a message saying no new proxies found every time for the last almost 24 hrs

Another issue is with the popups of captchas. I had set it to random and then skip, captcha's still popup. 

Any way to downgrade to 9.43?

post updating to 9.45, I also noticed all my settings were gone and I had to input all API's and settings again. So is there something that I have done wrong somewhere or is it an issue that you all are facing too

Thanks for your help!


  • you can run 9.44 by going to the folder where SER is installed.
    E.g. C:/ProgramFiles/GSAS.e.r./ and than run the file Search_Engine_Ranker_old.exe
  • Thanks Vuli.

    9.44 gives the same issues. I was trying to revert to 9.43
  • solved. I f**ked up!

    proxies were hot, just needed cooling off.

    capchas - forgot to untick "finally ask user..." under captchas in options

    my bad :(
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