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GSA SER Only Verifying Media Wiki No Other Wiki Projects WHY???

GSA Ser only seems to be verifying media wiki links only I haven't any Tiki Wiki, or any other wiki project types verify before. I have thousands of Media Wiki but not one of any other. Does anyone know why or what the problem is?


  • SvenSven
    HAven'T you asked this before!?
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited December 2014

    Yes, but figured someone in the forum might of had the same problem and fixed the issue. So they could of let me know the process. 

  • - use multiple captcha services
    - use verified list with multiple link types
    - read/watch more gsa tutorials to improve your settings
  • donchinodonchino
    Also mediawiki is the most popular wiki engine so it's normal to have most of these
  • then i guess thats good then cause all I have is  PR 3-8 Media Wiki
  • over 2,000 +
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