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Brand New Proxies "Failing test" continously

I have bought 10 private proxies from BHW seller. But it is showing "Not working" when I test with "google search" or even other options?

I asked the seller about this problem, even though in the admin panel of the proxy owner, the test shows that all proxies are online and working. Still, he replaced all proxies with new one. I tried once again to test all 10 proxies but still it is showing "not working"-all 10 proxies?

I don't know what to do now

Please help.


  • OH! Update:

    I am using VPS and testing the proxies on the VPS and getting "failed message".

    But now, I tested those same proxies on my desktop and the test shows that all 10 proxies are successfully working?

    What does this mean? Is there any problem with my VPS?

    I am stuck. Please help
  • did you authorize ip of vps ?
  • Are you testing against Google or Bing
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited December 2014
    Test them in scrape box because GSA sometimes is not accurate.
  • Problem solved. What I was doing wrong is : I was authorizing the IP from my desktop computer. I now, went to my VPS server and then authorized the IP for the proxies there and all got "Success" in GSA.

    Thanks a lot for all your inputs. You are very helpful my friends. Good Bless.
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