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Testing Proxy Problem(s)

Hi, (newbie here)

I have been using GSA Spider and my proxy list ( works fine, but when I try to import and then test my list in GSA Verifier it / they fail.

However, it gives me the opition to test the proxies against a search site ( & tried google etc) and then it asks me for 'string that has to be on that site'. Perhaps, this is causing my error/problem. What string should i put into this dialog box, when it asks me? Please help if you can.



  • I'm experiencing the same thing. Help would be greatly appreciated! 
  • Email Sven/support! I got answers but not resolved! He's fast at replying! So I have stopped trying to resolve for now & will in a week or two as my proxys were rented & now expire! I put a lot off time & didn't resolve. Not sure, might be a Avast/firewall thing, but never looked further into it! I think I'll go for hide my ip next time but all fine previously with Spider, so not sure what's wrong. Sorry, I can't be more help !! Regards. Me.
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