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practical gsa ranker guide

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Can somebody provide me some project example how you get such great results from gsa ranker? 

I am using gsa for few monthes, created campaigns for tier 1 web20, and for few money sites. But i not see any improvements of my sites (even 2 money sites not getting g traffic anymore). I setup to get 5-10 links daily per project (MS), or up to 40-50 for web20/tier, pr1+, 60-80 OBL. 

However when gsa ranker working - traffic on my money site (which have active gsa project) decreased  and it return back to standard level only after few days (when this project already stopped in gsa). It happens even if gsa active project is to tier 1/web20. Traffic decreased at money site which linked by this web20.

Keywords researched, used content from kontentmachine (70% uniq), unique comments/about us text (collected/spinchief-ed). I using social/web20/articles/blog comments/doc sharing/few directories/video).

Any ideas? May be i doing something wrong?



  • make sure you use proper/multiple spinned titles/description etc ?
    make sure you use most if not all types of platforms
    in order for your links not to be detectable as UNATURAL

    you have to also consider that from the verified links only about 25%
    will every be seen by google, most will never been seen (I suspect)

    Furthermore are the niche you are in very competitive ?
    if this is the case others might be doing better SEO so you could be losing
    rankings to competitors
  • Thanks for answer, GiorgosK!

    1. yes, it all comes from kontentmachine, it give 70% unique content.
    2. i not using indexer/trackbacks/pingback/referers/indexer/guestbooks/forum and image commenter. Just it for my opinion clean spam signals.

    it not so competive niches, really no additional seo except socialadr & few links from my related content sites. On few sites used also UD to create linkpyramid slowly, but that 2 sites have only socialadr & gsa projects, nothing more). 

    I still not understand why I getting no traffic at few days after gsa project active for that site (links can be directly to money site, but same happens if gsa links to tier1 of web20).
  • also to add, verified links indexed with lindexed and backlinkindexer
  • on few old projects i used all adwords kwd list as keywords & anchors. Can it be trouble or we need to use 'kwd', 'good kwd', 'kwd cheap', 'what is kwd' per individual url if money site?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited August 2012
    Are you making sure to vary your anchor text with generic anchors? This is extremely important post penguin.

    GSA SER doesn't guarantee anyone 1st page rankings. A user needs to understand how SEO works in order to make the best use of the software.

    The best thing you can do is try to make it look as natural as possible. Varying anchor text, unique well spun content or high quality spun content. Make sure you aren't building too many links to your inner pages too quickly. Make sure your website has a good internal linking structure and isn't over optimized with too many keywords that might appear to be keyword stuffing in the eyes of the search engines. There are too many variables out of the software control.

    I like to use PR1+ contextual links as my first tier with higher quality spun content. The new feature that allows you to only build links to your dofollow links might also be something good to play along with for linking tiers together.

    You can try to build out a nice multi-tier with via dofollow contextual links.

    My sites seem to be responding well.
  • Hello, s4nt0s!

    Thanks for answer!

    1. use also generic/natural anchors text enabled and set to 30%
    I am also using url as few additional anchors (for MS)

    I understand about no gsa guarantee, I just want to understand what I am doing wrong. ;)

    2. about links velocity to internal pages. I am using next scheme : 
    urls :{anchor 1|anchor2|anchor3}
    it defined for all pages of this website. So gsa generate more links to posts than to main page. Is it can be trouble? or I need to define root url few times to increase chances?
    Also I understanding what with enabled 'generic anchors' - gsa automatically add 'click here', etc to all links in 30%. Or it not true and I need to define generic anchors inside my urls? (links to posts)

    my websites using wordpress, unique articles optimized mostly for one researched keyword. full onpage seo - wpseo - 70-85%, kwd density 1%-3%. Titles/post url in format as 'keyword hidden facts', etc. so it not exact match titles.

    my web20 linking - it just mix of urls (where posts located), all keywords from adwords 'exact' match by keyword, only closely related ideas, so looks like all have commercial value. I used them as keywords and anchors. Can be trouble here because it adwords keywords?

    I just launched some small network on unique content (expensive thing), will see how it will respond. I am also trying to use pr1+, 60-80 OBL, search with keyword.

    So how i understand thin places in my strategy can be internal links velocity and need to check if gsa add generic anchors for links defined in such way ({kwd1|kwd2|kwd3})?

    How you think how many links per day safe for new sites? And what the good internal/root urls ratio?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited August 2012
    That's the thing. Nobody ever knows how many links per day is considered "safe". I think its more to do with link velocity and appearing natural.

    The software will automatically add generic anchors if you have that setting checked.

    This article covers some basic SEO fundamentals you can check on and see if your sites have good internal linking, etc:

    I remember reading an article or watching a video where they said it appears more natural if you have less links to your inner pages then you would your root domain. Naturally you would receive more links to your root domain then inner pages except for maybe some really popular articles, pages, etc. I don't know what percentage would be best to go for with inner pages but there is no exact science.

    I link to both inner pages and root domain and my site seems to do ok. I do build more links to the root domain then inner pages though. Don't do what I do though, you might want to research and see what kind of good SEO info you can find. I haven't been able to research too much because I've been pretty busy.

    I think in the end its all about looking as natural as possible. Its tricky to do with automated software but luckily GSA SER isn't your average automated software. Sven has put many filters in place to make sure your site receives quality links.

    Good luck and hope the rankings improve.
  • I agree with your observation, Santos - my campaigns all have 70-80% of my links going to the home page of my sites, and I randomly add small numbers of links to my inner pages. I would even go so far as to switch off inner page campaigns from time to time.
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