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failure reverseproxies ocr

@Sven reverseproxies ocr gives bugs continuously. I have previouslycontacted them and they tell me that rare or unreadable captchas thatthe problem is of GSA come

With only boot campaigns at the minute I have all with the red iconThatway no is if the campaign passed something serious as they break youemails.

You could correct this, really is very annoying. If you can not be operatedwith Reverseproxies will look another substitute, my setup is

reverseproxies ocr

Bandit text


  • SvenSven

    well of cours it is a GSA SER (GSA is company name) bug. IF there is a problem, it's always us. But why would ther ebe a problem now and there never was before when I did not change anything on captcha stuff?

    Anyway please show some more details on what this "bug" exactly looks like.

  • @sven I am not saying that fault of yours, I first ask them and they told me that GSA interpreted wrong something, the truthI do not know.

    I as soon as I launched GSA, the few seconds starts to appear notices red, and after a few minutes all the campaigns have redicon, I'm lazy to a FTP upload a screenshot but the message says,

    Reverse Proxies OCR ERROR: undfined error message (probably down) firts time...

    Always the same message in all the campaigns, right now I have it turned off, I think that that mistake will not fix any and ifyou tell me that it is not GSA error, I now delete the subscription and I put another general in his post as tronix or similarOCR.

    Also I use at the same time, Spamvilla, Reverseproxies, Eve, CB and finally imagetyperzs in that order and I have leftoverthreads. Any of the other systems give me errors.

  • SvenSven
    wow a late reply. Anyway, you say now that all services give you error messages?
  • No, I did not say that, it gives me error reverseproxie and not be if it is wrong of them to delete me or GSAAll servicesoperate.

    It took because I've gone a few days rest.
  • SvenSven
    sorry but can you try to translate differently? I don't understand what the problem is.
  • Another translator. Using multiple captcha, but only reverseproxies services gives me errors all the time. the error as I said above in the other messages.

    I talk to them and they said the problem was GSA, I do not think it GSA problem because all others who use anti captcha give me no problems.

    Do not know if there will be some fault in GSA with this system. If not fixed I will unsubscribe from Reverseproxies, this has been going one month or more ago.

    I hope you understand me now.

    If desiredSven I can spend my keys by PM of REverseproxies and use it yourself and see the error.

    I do not believe that this failing, but the problem is that it puts me notice RED and ALL have to check if emails fail or something. But if I have 40 campaigns running on the programmer, I have to look after 40 times the red notice, because I do not want to have emails that do not work.
  • @porlapatria

    You will get this error:

    [Insert OCR Service here]  undefined error message (probably down) with SpamVilla or CaptchaTronix or any other 3rd party service I assume that limits the amount of threads you can use at once.

    This red error message pops up on me sometimes and I have higher amounts of recaptcha threads with CaptchaTronix. It will pop up when the site is actually down or if your max amount of purchased threads are in use and it won't allow you to keep sending more and more til more threads come available for use.

    It is a very annoying error, I agree, because like you I enable "important" messages so I see the email errors. I wish Sven would allow you to specify what you consider "important" or just remove these OCR messages completely from showing as important.
  • It is not the number of threads , I have more than enough . I send them a ticket to them and what they told me was that they received rare images of GSA , but just think of them .

    Now use.


    And do not give me error either , just gives me reverseproxies mistake, and I have 50 threads and no expense or 10 at a time .

    Or the error is in reverseproxies or GSA when communicating , the only thing is , coming out red all the time notices and have already canceled my subscription
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