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What has changed in my 6 months absence from SEO?

Since I was close to having a mental breakdown form the frustrations of seo I took a break what I thought would be forever. However the other stuff I tried- porn videos, social media have not proved any more fruitful. I realsied the altho i can easily get followers using bots in social media platforms the traffic fucking sucks and doesnt convert so it ends up just the same- no results. so now I want to try mixing up what I learned in that time with some seo on some very low comp stuff to hopefully not crush my soul like before.

Its felt great not having to worry about all the rumour mills of updates on the fourms, but alas here i am agian.

So anyhow what have i missed? What strategies should i look to do differnet than 6 months ago? I couldnt rank anyhting back then anyhow so i guess i cant do any worse.


  • donchinodonchino
    Algo updates for past 6 mo:

    2014-12-09: Pigeon (AU, UK, CA)
    2014-12-06: Penguin Double-Take
    2014-11-25: Penguin Tweak & Rollback Week
    2014-10-25: Panda Refresh
    2014-10-19: Penguin 6 (3.0)
    2014-09-22: Panda 4.1
    2014-08-28: End of Authorship
    2014-08-06: HTTPS as a signal
    2014-07-25: Pigeon [US]
    2014-06-25: Reduced authorship data
    2014-06-13: PayDay Loan 3
  • That doesnt tell me anyhting aobut how seo strategies have changed
  • donchinodonchino
    Of course, but googling and reading about these update terms will make you realize how most ppl's strategies might have changed during the period
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