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Article spinning and GSA

I am new to spinning. I have read a lot about article spinning in google. Can someone experienced answer my following questions:

1) Everybody talks about "thebestspinner." software. Can I use this software to create ,say 500 unique variations of one original article and then use all 500 articles in GSA for link building.

2) Uniqueness of this software is "more than 90%". Then why do people recommend "to do spinning manually"? Is it to get more readable content?

3) If I want to scrape an article related to my niche and then spin it using some software, which software do you recommend-which can do both scraping and spinning.
OR in other words, do I need to first buy "thebestspinner" and then buy another software like kontent machine or WAC for scraping articles?

4) With the best spinner, if I create say, 1000 variation with one original article and get 80-90% uniqueness, then is it fine to use for Tier 2-3 links?

And to tell you that I want to use the spinner softwares for tier 2 and more. I'll manually create Tier 1

Hoping to get good response from this helpful forum.


  • Waiting for someone to update update their valuable feedback
  • I'm relatively new to spinning and using GSA myself, but I can tell you that if you take the time to hand spin an article properly, you can produce tons of variations that don't look "spun" at all. You just need to re-read every sentence carefully to make sure it sounds natural regardless of which of the spun words you've chosen are used. If you are impatient, it will show in the final spun articles. It usually takes me a little over an hour to do a 700-900 word article, but knowing I can spin that one article and use it on 20 of my web sites is still an enormous time saver and money saver.  

    Personally I use Spin ReWriter, mainly because I like the synonyms it suggests, and that it's web based so I can use it off of any computer, and the UI/workflow is pretty streamlined. Right now, I just spin 50 iterations of each article when I am done - but theoretically if you go through a 700 word article and spin about 80% or more of the words in it, you should be able to come up with a near endless amount of combinations of spun output. Just try not to go more than 3 or so words without spinning another. I don't even bother with spinning the sentences or paragraphs, and all of my spun articles have passed Copyscape.

    There are free scraping plugins for Chrome such as Dataminer, that can scrape content off of pages. There are also plugins for Excel which can do this too, such as SEOTools, which you may want to check out.

    In the past, for example, I used the free program Xenu Link Sleuth to spider a blog, then took a look at the URL's and figured out which ones were the blog posts (they all had a similar URL structure, "/blog/" was in each one), then used the XPathOnURL function from SEOTools to scrape specific content from each of those blog post URL's into a spreadsheet. The actual XPath for the content can be found simply by using Chrome's built in "Inspect Element" function when you right click on something on a page. There are more detailed tutorials on how to do this if you do a search on Google.
  • Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. When you say this " you can produce tons of variations that don't look "spun" at all."- does it mean that I just need to put that hand spin article in GSA and it will automatically create variation or spun article for each contextual backlink? OR I need to generate 100's of spun articles from that original article first(using any software) and then put all those articles in GSA. I AM CONFUSED ON THIS POINT.

    Secondly, when you say that " I can spin that one article and use it on 20 of my web sites"-Then all those sites must be related to one same niche? Am I correct or am I missing something?

    thirdly, you said that we need to spin each word to get endless amount of combinations of spun output. My question is: Thebestspinner also does "Word level" spinning. then whats the difference between doing manually and doing it with the software?

    Lastly, is one scraped article enough to , say create 1000-2000 contextual backlinks with spun content? Or there is any norm that after , say 500 spun contents, we need 2nd scraped article to spin and generate spun articles.

    Please let me know

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