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Buying VPS for GSA- Is 512 GB data transfer enough

The VPS I am planning to buy is offering the following:

512 GB traffic
Free incoming traffic

I am not sure about above data as I am going to use VPS for the 1st site.

Is 512 GB traffic enough to run GSA 24 hrs a aday with 100-150 threads?

Please let me know.


  • SER is using mainly incoming traffic, but 512 gb limitation looks strange. They can limit you after 1-2TB incoming. Better look for vps where you dont have any limits. Whats your budget?
  • My budget is $10/month and they are offering $7/month with 2 GB RAM.

    But if GSa is using mainly incoming traffic, then isn't it enough becuase they are providing "free incoming traffic".

    And 2nd VPs provider I have in mind is offering the following:

    Bandwidth 100 Mbps Guaranteed up to 10,000 GB data transferred per month, then 1 Mbps(other Config remain the same)

    Should I use this one?

    Please advice. I want to buy the VPS now.
  • Noone will give you free incoming traffic for $10 a month. Better buy second vps. 10 Tb is more than enough.
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    1st seller is providing "free incoming traffic" for $7/month mate. He is offering black friday deal.
  • I am pretty sure you have mistaken 512MB RAM as 512GB traffic.

    If this is not the case then let me tell you that if you keep GSA SER running 24/7 then that 512GB is definitely not enough.

    Do you mind sharing the link of that VPS?
  • I have just asked their support and now they are saying that "we don't allow GSA on our VPS".
    Very strange.

    Anyway, can you people please suggest any good VPS provider with my budget($10-$12 per month)

    Thanks in advance
  • my candid advise is to go for a good and quality vps and the best so far is solidseovps and poweruphosting, also i will like to inform you to run run gsa ser effectively you need minimum of 2gig ram and fast network, this it is a waste of time have tried it before

    save more monies before you venture into it
  • Thanks a lot for your advice. I just got what you advised. I have gone for quality VPS and paid $16/month which has 2 GB RAM, 2 Cores and 2 TB bandwidth and claimed to be very fast servers. Bought from BST of BHW.

    I hope it should work well for me.
  • Oh! just noticed their banner is on this page itself on the right sidebar with the title: "Pure SSD" Coincidence!
  • I had that vps once. Their costumer service is great. However, I'm with Poweruphosting now and I've never had to contact anyone for anything. It just works.
    You may like to have a look at Hostwinds as well. They have an outstanding costumer service and great prices.
  • 512GB is pretty good for someone who won't be running GSA 24x7 on high thread, but if you are a moderate or a heavy user then you will be consuming around 1TB bandwidth at the very least, look for someone with 5-10TB monthly limit.
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