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With VPS-Do I need proxies as well?

         I am planning to buy VPS today. But I am not sure if I need proxies as well? Can I run GSA on VPS without proxies?

Please help


  • well, of course you need proxies.
    VPS will only have 1 IP and what do you think will happen if you will be runing SER at "100 threads", scraping, posting,... with this 1 IP.
    Abuse complains and so on. Probably even VPS provider would not like it.
  • Thanks vuli for your answer. How many proxies do I need then?

    I have the following plans:

    I want to run 10 projects(10 websites with tier 2-3 )
    Want to run 100 threads

    How many proxies are enough and good for at least 50 LPM
  • And which proxy provider is cheap and best(I am on budget)
  • ShaNiShaNi
    edited December 2014
    martworld  :) try our Dedicated Private proxies in cheapest prices with double bones proxies
    check it out market place or our website too
  • Well, for proxies I tried, and I was satisfied, no complains.

    If you are plaining to run 10 projects at the same time@100threads, than probably should be best option to buy privat proxies, not shared privat proxies.

    Privat proxies = 1 user - custumer
    Shared privat proxies = 3 users - shared between 3 costmers

    Now, some are saying you can run:
    10 threads per 1 privat proxy
    5 threads per 1 shared privat proxy, but....

    What matters about LPM is probably the most important the list of targets you have, and what engines you have selected in the project.
    With bolg comments, exploit, tracbaks,..  you can achive HI LPM pretty fast, i think.
    At the beggining You will need to test, experiment with the settings a little, than you will get the wright compromis you are looking for.

  • On an average, I would recommend you to run around 10 thread per proxy but if you need better results then lower the thread count to 5 threads per proxy.
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