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I really have trouble understanding and interpreting the Tier Filter Options. Need Answer!

Hello Boys

I have a question here. Im kinda confuse with this option under Tier Filter.

Can someone please explain to me #1 and #2 from the picture. I'm trying to set up for my Tier 2 campaign. I know it may sound simple, but it could be interpreted in many ways. That's why I came here to seek truth. 

#1 Use anchor text from the Verified URL ---> I assume this means if my Tier 1 Verified Link has an anchor text : "Hot boys"
Does this mean for my Tier 2 campaign, SER will go build links with the anchor text Hot Boys? 
Thus, if that is so, will SER ignore the rules I have set in the anchor links option? For example, LSI Anchor Text, General Anchor Text etc.

#2 Verified URL must have Anchor 
I'm really confuse with this. 
Does this mean if I fill in the box with {hot boys|boys with big things|big dingalings}, SER will go and make links on my Tier 2 with the anchor text: {hot boys|boys with big things|big dingalings} AND IGNORE my anchor links option (LSI Anchor text, General Anchor text etc.)

Or does it mean that SER will go and make links ONLY on Tier 1 Links which have the anchor text {hot boys|boys with big things|big dingalings}?
For example, in my Tier 1 link, i have an anchor text link Hot Boys and many other General anchor text. 
So when I go create my Tier 2 campaign, under the Tier filter option, I tick Check on Verified URL must have anchor Hot Boys.
SER will then build Tier 2 links on links that have anchor text Hot Boys and ignore all other links on Tier 1 that does not have Hot Boys as the anchor text. 

Hope someone can answer me! @Sven



  • SvenSven

    #1 Yes it will use tht same anchor text as main anchor. However it will also use the variations of secondary, lsi, parial...anchors.

    #2 This means that it will only build links to urls from the main project if the anchor marches a given mask. You can not use spin syntax here but a mask one like


    It will ignore any other link build if that mask does not match.

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